Finding the right estate agent – May 2017

Helen Mamerow 24/05/2017 17:59:17

A guide on finding the right estate agent for you from property expert Paul Greenhalgh @ Yellow Homes

Whether it is to upgrade, downsize or sell up and leave the Algarve, taking the decision to sell your property can be a difficult one. Acquiring the services of a long established and vastly experienced local real estate agent is vital. Good agencies are very pro-active in trying to sell your property and it takes a lot more than just uploading it onto one of the many property portals and sitting and waiting for an email enquiry to arrive.

 Property Information 

The first step is to meet with the real estate agent at your property taking time to show them round and explaining all the workings of the property in detail. Discuss freely any issues that could create problems in the future such as an unapproved small extension or a damp patch in a basement corner. It makes far more sense if any issues concerning a property are addressed immediately as a delay after an agreed purchase gives the buyer time to question their decision or continue looking for alternative properties.


A real estate agent must have an understanding of written Portuguese and be able to acquire all the necessary property documents that are required by law in order to market your property. Your legal representative should have copies of all the updated documents. 

Marketing Price

Agents must have an in depth knowledge of all local properties that have actually been sold and at what price. Unlike in the UK, where property can almost be valued by a postcode, the ex pat market in the Algarve is very different. Property is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it and this can vary hugely from buyer to buyer. Be open to discussing the best and most realistic marketing price for your property and always be careful not to price yourself out of viewings.  


Quality photographs and a good description are essential in the marketing of a property. Done correctly, a property description should entice potential buyers to view your property. Please remember that property presentations are usually used as a tool that helps sell a viewing more than the actual property itself.


One of the biggest complaints of vendors is of agents taking unqualified buyers to properties. Indeed there was an example recently of a gentleman with major mobility issues being taken to view a 3rd floor apartment in a building with no lift. It is imperative that your agent discusses in detail with the buyer and understandings their specific requirements and needs and then carefully hand picks suitable properties to view. Once the agent arrives with the potential buyer, please let them do their jobs and remember it is always better if the vendor steps out of the property at this point. Purchasers are rarely honest about a property in front of the owners and as agents they need them to be so any concerns raised by the buyers can be addressed.

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