Legal Advisor - Financing and Mortgages

Obtaining a Portuguese mortgage needn't be a stressful experience - as long as you receive the correct advice!

At Yellow Homes - Land and Houses Algarve, we can help you acquire the house of your dreams. Through our specialist financial advisers we are able to offer you professional guidance on a wide range of finance options, enabling you to buy, renovate or build your own home without worries.

Yellow Homes has substantial experience dealing with major Portuguese banks and can offer an excellent range of mortgage products and finance services to our clients:

  • Interest-only mortgages
  • Fixed interest mortgages
  • Repayment mortgages
  • Stage-payment mortgages
  • Home improvement loans
  • Foreign exchange
  • Generic property tax advice

We assist in processing all necessary paperwork; liaise with all parties involved in the purchasing process (estate agent, lawyer, mortgage provider, insurer); and supply a breakdown of all associated costs from the appointed lending institution, including the property taxes you incur on the purchase.

Let Yellow Homes guide you through the red tape!