Property Services - Insurance

At Yellow Homes - Land & Houses Algarve, we're always looking for further ways to offer our clients the most complete service possible, in addition to our main work - finding the perfect Algarve property for you!

But certain services we can't provide in-house, and in such cases we seek partner companies to work with, offering similar high standards to our own.

Our clients can now take advantage of preferential terms from a well-established insurance broker, offering a wide range of insurance products.

Insurance for your home is essential. A villa or an apartment in the Algarve is no different from that in your home country - indeed, if occasionally vacant or used for holiday rentals, then insuring your property is even more necessary.

The company we work with offers a comprehensive range of products, such as a complete selection of household insurance options (including building's owner third-party liability), as well as motor insurances and/or multiple-choice insurances for personal accidents and workman's compensation assurance (WCA).

When considering insurance, there are several local factors that should be taken into account:

  • The building methods used in the Algarve are different in several ways from those normally employed in northern Europe.
  • Algarve is located on a geographical fault line, so building regulations relating to this are strongly applied by the authorities.
  • The Terraces and swimming pools must be included in any cover.
  • Interior possessions are not subject to the same level of risk as in most other countries, but the possibility of crime should be a consideration.
  • The difference between summer and winter regional weather conditions creates a substantial climatic ‘wear and tear’ factor. For example, expansion and contraction will often create hairline cracks in surface rendering.
  • Valuables such as jewellery, paintings, antiques or personal effects will require certificates of authenticity and a separate valuation. Contents in excess of € 100.000,00 require proof of security measures taken.
  • By Portuguese law all employees must be covered by a separate policy, called 'Acidentes de Trabalho'.

For your guidance we can recommend companies that will arrange the right insurance for you.

Let Yellow Homes offer you peace of mind!