Property Services - Property Management & Rentals

If you don't reside full-time in your Algarve villa or apartment, it's often sensible to appoint a management company to look after the property. Rates for such services vary, depending on the package you choose.

There are many specialist property management companies in the Algarve, who speak English (indeed many are English-managed) and other languages, and who will take care of all or some of the following on your behalf:

  • Payment of domestic bills - electricity, water, telephone, rates etc.
  • Regular visits to the property to keep it clean, aired and fresh.
  • Minor maintenance work (plumbing, electricity etc).
  • Garden maintenance - anything from mowing lawns, clipping hedges and tending flower beds to complete landscaping of the gardens.
  • Regular cleaning, treatment and maintenance of the swimming pool
  • Preparing for guest arrivals – bed linen, food in the refrigerator, fresh flowers etc.
  • Notification & advice on any maintenance/repair work that may become necessary

or perhaps simply give the property a good clean and freshen-up prior to your arrival, so you can make the most of your Algarve home from the very start of your stay.


Rental Licence

If you're interested in renting out your property, please be aware that you need an official licence for this. All properties which are not in a registered tourist development and which are let for holiday rental purposes must be registered by law, and licenced by the local authorities. Failure to comply runs the risk of fines if caught. A management company will help you obtain this licence - the process is simple and usually only takes 3-4 weeks.

Yellow Homes can offer further information and recommendations on property management in the Algarve - at your service!